Totally Awesome Festival Wear for Guys

Can’t get enough totally amazing music festivals?  I know the feeling!  Sometimes us guys can feel a little ‘left out in the cold’ in the fashion department.  The following retailers will keep you looking amazing and aren’t too rough on your wallet:

Style: Raver, Psychonaught

All of their stuff is UV-reactive, so you’ll be rockin’ it under the blacklight.  About $150 or so per item, not too bad for a show-stopping outfit.  He does special orders so be sure to hit up the owner if you can’t find the size you’re looking for.

Style: Yoga-head, New-Ager, Meditator

Hand-drawn, and silkscreened by the same amazing artist.  Totally gorgeous consciousness-inspired pieces.

SinnsArt Ganesh Image

Style: Raver, Cybergoth, Future-trooper

Cyber Chaps

Subsonic L/s Tee

Very unique, clean-looking pieces that will make you look like you came out of the movie Tron, or Mad Max (you pick).  UK-imported cybernetic styles 😀

Style: Burner, Festivaller

Hive Vest w/ *NEW* Flower of Life Print

Consciousness-oriented designs, very beautiful and unique!  They like to cycle through new designs so check their site often.

Style: Festivaller, Steampunk

Leather Charcoal Arkana Vest

Items have a great artifact-steampunk-style look, most items are under $200.

Style: Yoga-head, Understated Festivaller

Very nice subtle designs… as in, you can actually wear these around town too!

Style: Burner, Festivaller


Unique and subtle designs for festival and out-on-the-down.

Got more?  Send em our way in the comments section!

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