The Insane, Pre-planned War on Gun Rights

There are two general kinds of arguments in the libertarian tradition; “natural-rights-based” arguments and “utility” or statistical arguments.   While  libertarians will generally have both arguments on their side, in the case of gun ownership it is imperative that we not be too quick to source statistics alone in the absence of taking a firm stance on individual liberty.

If, for example, gun control laws were found to reduce crime by 5% (which is not the case), would that be any consolation to a woman who had just been gang-raped, like the teenage girl in India?  Should individuals lose the right to defend themselves in order to prop up a collectivized statistic?  The fact is that it is impossible to tell just how many acts of violence could have been prevented if not for the already-widespread chilling effect of municipal and statewide gun bans on gun ownership and concealed-carry.

Are the individuals who are left completely defenseless on the streets and college classrooms of America to be regarded as collateral damage, to be forsaken for some notion of “the greater good?”  If the trigger-happy, machine-gun-toting militarized police are confiscating guns and kicking down doors to serve “the greater good,” are we any safer?

Let’s look at the facts: the Second Amendment (“the right of the people to keep and bear Arms”) is already gutted and has been for a long time.  Most citizens (depending on where they live) have the right to keep arms, but not bear them, that is to say that we are allowed to keep our firearms locked away in a closet at home, but most of us are prohibited from taking them around with us, such that we can enjoy protection and peace-of-mind while we’re out in public.

The now-disgraced Piers Morgan openly advocated that the U.S. government do what was done in the U.K., and have the (of course armed and numerous) militarized police go door-to-door and seize the weapons of law-abiding and peace-loving citizens.  What happens in countries that ban guns outright?  Do deranged sociopaths stop being deranged and trade their weapons in for crayons and kittens?  No, but there are be lots and lots of knife-related rapes, beatings and outright assaults!  Violent crime rates are worse in the UK than they are in the US per-captia, since criminals view gun-free citizens as easier targets than knife-free citizens.

“[The] People’s Republic of China heavily regulates the ownership of firearms. Generally, private citizens are not allowed to possess firearms.” (Source: Wikipedia).  It is unfortunate that civilians living under repressive socialist regimes are left defenseless against mobs of violent knife-wielding thugs, like a recent incident which left 27 dead and 109 wounded at a train station in China, and more recently 6 people died in another knife attack in central China. Collateral damage for the greater-good, according the Chinese government.

Should you find yourself about to be stabbed or shot by a vicious criminal, let us dispel the myth that the police will  swoop in to save you in the nick-of-time.   Of course, anyone who has been involved in a fist-fight or other violent confrontation knows that it is over and done with in a matter of seconds.  When the police do decide to arrive (in my experience, in about 45 minutes), they will concern themselves with taking a meticulous report of what happened, rather than saving lives with any sense of urgency.  What incentive does any government agency have to provide fast and reliable service, when their incomes are guaranteed via taxation?

That is, unless their own lives are threatened, as was the case with the deranged ex-cop Christopher Dorner.  When the LAPD was threatened, they went on a ballistic, shoot-first-and-ask-questions-later citywide rampage – nearly blowing the heads off of two innocent women and riddling their truck with bullet holes, which was later replaced (at the taxpayers’ expense).  A handful of terrified black men (who happened to look like Dorner) even took the trouble to make “please don’t shoot me” T-shirts.

Civilian gun control is supposed to keep us safer, but you’re eight-times more likely to be killed by a cop than a “terrorist.”  Where’s the “national discussion” on government guns in the mainstream media?New York -Mayor and supersized-drink control-freak Bloomberg spearheaded a celebrity-laden PSA asking for us to “demand a plan” from our illustrious leaders.

Nobody in pop-culture or the mainstream media seems to want to put two-and-two together and point out how unsafe it is to have hordes of machine gun-toting SWAT-teams kick down peoples’ doors looking for State-banned items like marijuana or retroactively-banned firearms.

Guns are a-ok as long as the State uses them against nonviolent citizens.

The irony of pointing guns (by their own terms “assault weapons”) in people’s faces over the name of “safety” would be downright laughable if so many people (and dogs) didn’t wind up injured, scarred or dead.  Think door-to-door violent gun confiscation can’t happen here?  It already has.  Take for an example this poor elderly woman, who had her door kicked in and was brutally assaulted by police shortly after hurricane Katrina.

“She was on dry land, had plenty of food and water and didn’t want to abandon her dogs…” said the newswoman.  “Patty showed them a small revolver she was carefully holding in the palm of her hand.”  “I dropped in on the floor,” said the victim,  “they punched me in the face… look at my black and blue marks.  I really thought they were going to kill me.”

I guess all it takes for the police to turn en-masse against the Constitution and their fellow citizens is the right crisis. 

Gun control and gun confiscation has been a top-priority of the neo-socialist Democrats since I can remember.  You should all remember Operation Fast and Furious; the Obama administration’s effort to run massive amounts of guns into Mexico in the hopes of proving their own anti-gun statistics.  Attorney General Eric Holder and the Justice Department were involved with selling over 1500 firearms to Mexican drug lords.

Following Fast and Furious, the U.S. saw a barrage of strange shootings.  Soon thereafter gun control became priority-one for enthusiastic gun-grabbing control freaks like Senator Dianne Feinstein, who never wastes an opportunity to pose for the cameras in front of her “magical zip-tied firearm wall of doom.”   There are many strange coincidences and unanswered questions about the aforementioned and highly politicized shootings:.

1. Aurora

Official story of a single-shooter directly contradicts eyewitness testimony.

“Eyewitnesses described two shooters, noting that one of the gas canisters was thrown from the opposite side of the theater to where the killer was standing. Eyewitnesses also described the killer talking on a cellphone before the shooting and then standing in the emergency exit and beckoning someone else over.

At 1:16am on the police audio recording from the scene, an officer states, ‘Talking to people making statements, sounds like we have possibly 2 shooters, one that was in Theater 8 seated, another one that came in from the outside into Theater 9. Sounds like it was a coordinated attack.’ ”

(Source: Infowars)

2. Sandy Hook

There are serious problems with the official story on the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.  It has already been established that several of the “grieving parents” were actually actors.   Note “Robbie Parker’s” initial swagger, his smirk and his statement “are we ready to start, ok..”   Does this look like a grieving parent to you?

Multiple adult witnesses stated that there were multiple shooters.

Wolfgang Halbig is a former US Customs Agent and State Trooper who decided to investigate the Sandy Hook shooting.  When he dug too deeply, he was told by homicide detectives that “bad things would happen” to him if he continued.

3. Santa Monica College Shooting

Multiple eyewitnesses stated that the shooter was wearing SWAT-style military garb and black combat boots.  The first photos of the shooter shows him with removed sneakers, and then with planted boots next to him.  Patsy?  Something doesn’t add up.

4. LAX Shooting

Of course there was the November 1st, 2013 LAX shooting, in which the media wasted absolutely no time trying to pin the entire incident on libertarians, anti-TSA advocates and the gun culture.   As with nearly all false-flag events, preparation drills are often conducted prior to the event.  In this case LAX police trained for the exact same scenario three weeks prior to the event.  The shooter just-so-happened to be carrying a manifesto in which he damns the “New World Order, Federal Reserve and fiat currency.”

In all of these events, the token “evil gun” of the day was always the AR-15, whether the gun was actually used or not in these shootings is the subject of debate.  At the same time America’s socialized indoctrination camps (otherwise known as “public schools”), quickly began to literally enforce  thought-crimes.   It is as if the powers-that-be want to ban, not only guns but “gun-ness” and “the idea of guns.”  Students are now being punished for:

Wearing an NRA-themed T-shirt

Bringing an obviously fake toy gun to school

Pointing fingers into the shape of a gun

Drawing pictures of guns and knowing too much about guns

The state of Connecticut has now decided to retroactively ban specific firearms, making instantaneous felons out of 350,000 gun owners, and completely ignoring the rule of ex post facto.  The United Nations has been proactive in its support to ban “small arms.”

It’s time to actively engage your leftist friends in debate and challenge their childlike and naive trust in government’s monopoly on weapons and tactics that have been proven to directly endanger (and end) human life.  While the state-controlled corporate media hypnotists are busy freaking out over your neighbor’s AR-15, our government has been wiping entire families off the map by means of taxpayer-funded predator drone death-machines.

Individuals by the monumental majority are only interested in self-defense and gun-related hobbies, governments (historically) have larger and more sinister plans – like mass-genocide.

We don’t see many slick and trendy viral videos featuring hollywood actors like Jaime Fox, Beyonce,  Reese Witherspoon and Will Farrell come out against government tyranny – maybe they like it after all?

Just for the record, here are the biggest murderers in history (after they disarmed their citizens).

Adolf Hitler: 17 million people

Jozef Stalin: 23 million people

Mao Zedong: 78 million people

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