Beats4Liberty.org (B4L) is an international organization dedicated to the preservation and advocacy of music festivals, dance, electronic music and libertarian ideals.  B4L is committed to non-violence and the libertarian Non-aggression Principle.

B4L was created by libertarian activist and philosopher Devin Stone (DJ Liberator) as an answer to the popularity of leftist, socialist, green-party and otherwise ‘big government’ thinking in today’s music-festivals and ‘consciousness-oriented’ gatherings.

Beats4Liberty is committed to the following:

1. Individual Freedom

Advocacy of personal liberty and freedom.  B4L’s mission is to educate and encourage the ideals of non-aggression, liberty, anarcho-capitalism and property rights.

2. Music & Dance

Promote Electronic Music as an outlet for dance, self-expression and consciousness-expansion.   B4L is committed to restoring the right to dance and ‘party’ as a central human need.  B4L believes that the ecstatic experience is central to the livelihood of human welfare and community.

3.  Spiritual Development

B4L advocates that human beings are divine by nature and possess a spiritual consciousness that transcends rationality and the physical body.  B4L adherents are free to adopt any religion or set of beliefs that they feel is best suited to their particular stage of spiritual development.

4.  Humanistic Environmentalism

B4L believes that property rights and individual liberty are the keys to ensuring a clean and sustainable environment.  We reject the notion that regulate-and-tax schemes will provide any solutions to environmental problems.  We challenge politically-motivated and scientifically-dubious claims of ‘catastrophic man-made climate change,’ ‘global warming’ or other such anti-industrialization schemes.  Instead, B4L promotes entrepreneurship, initiative and conscious capitalism to produce clean energy solutions and economic opportunity.