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Anti-male Public Shaming Rituals Go Viral #HeForShe

The Social Media Lynch Mob

It was hailed as the dawn of the ‘Web 2.0’ era.  The internet was (again) regarded as humankind’s most significant bastion of free speech and personal expression.   What is it becoming?  An angry mob of hyper-sensitive, overreactive twitterites who seem hell-bent on breathing new life into the once-distasteful cause known as “political correctness.”

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The Insane, Pre-planned War on Gun Rights

There are two general kinds of arguments in the libertarian tradition; “natural-rights-based” arguments and “utility” or statistical arguments.   While  libertarians will generally have both arguments on their side, in the case of gun ownership it is imperative that we not be too quick to source statistics alone in the absence of taking a firm stance on individual liberty.

If, for example, gun control laws were found to reduce crime by 5% (which is not the case), would that be any consolation to a woman who had just been gang-raped, like the teenage girl in India?  Should individuals lose the right to defend themselves in order to prop up a collectivized statistic?  The fact is that it is impossible to tell just how many acts of violence could have been prevented if not for the already-widespread chilling effect of municipal and statewide gun bans on gun ownership and concealed-carry.

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